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Pest Control Marketing can be tough. There are hundreds of different sites and programs that claim to be the next big thing for pest control companies. We investigate these, report our findings, and develop ways to make your company a lot of money through online marketing, training, and advertising. How about Search Engine Optimization? While yes, it takes time and patience, we're here to prove to you that the ROI your pest control company will get from SEO is far superior to some other options. Take a look at our latest findings on the blog.

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Does Your Website Convert?

Whether someone is searching for a pest control on a computer or a mobile device, you need to make sure it renders correctly and that they find what they are looking for. Google is not shy about telling us what they want out of websites. In the most simple terms, they want to deliver the highest quality, most relevant sites to the person doing the search. They know that they'll keep using their search engine if they are consistently happy with the results it shows. Knowing this is half the battle-- the other half is making sure it is fully optimized, has the right links pointing toward it, and that there is relevant, local-based content.

Let's Start with a Local Strategy

Pest Control businesses are confined to specific regions, metros, cities, and towns for their service areas. This is key to understanding how to set up and properly create content for your website. For example, some areas in the country use (and search) the word "exterminator" instead of pest control. This must be reflected within the actual copy within your site. Content that is local in nature will convince search engines (and searchers) that you are an authority in the area and are ready to serve the. Simply putting your address isn't enough.

Identify Geography and Audience

The first step is to clearly identify the cities located in your service area. What are the demographics there? Once we know this, we can decide how to proceed.

Create Plan with Goals and Parameters

Anyone can say that they want more business, their phones to ring. This is the part where we come up with specific metrics to track and the goals for your pest control business.

Launch and Start Promotion Strategy

Execution is everything. We now have a clear direction and we can start optimizing, building citations, carrying out link campaigns, and creating local content.

Measure Results and Report Findings

The most important part of the strategy is identifying pivot points and changing parts of our strategy if needed. We're not going to pretend that we don't make mistakes. We just know how to identify and fix them.

Change/Refine Tactics

Once we see the results of a given campaign or marketing tactic, we will report our findings and communicate the changes we are making in order to capitalize on successes and minimize tactics that aren't particularly rewarding for your company.

Rinse and Repeat

Your competitors never sleep, it seems. We should be constantly tweaking and updating our strategy to find what works and capitalize on it. SEO is about investing the time and trusting that the results we've gotten for others will be soon yours as well.

Get Past the Gimmicks

There are dozens of ways to acquire customers. It's actually pretty easy. It mostly just depends if you want to do it the smart way or the expensive way.
Every site pretends that they are the silver bullet you are looking for. Yes, I’m talking to you Yelp, AngiesList, Thumbtack, Manta, Yellow Pages, and the like. Let me tell you why your money is better spent on Search Engine Optimization. 

While these services do produce some leads, the cost is always constant (and rising, in most cases). You are not investing in your company, you are simply buying leads. If you look at it this way you’ll realize that there are hundreds of ways to simply buy customers without actually preparing to pay less in the future. The fixed costs never go away. With SEO, you’re actually putting money into a system that will drastically improve your cost-per-lead over the long haul. We’ve seen pest control companies that were paying less than $6 for a new phone call due to their investment in SEO. They were able to close about half of their calls, which resulted in a customer acquisition cost of under $15!
Their average customer lifetime value was well over a thousand dollars. No matter how you do the math, the ROI is there and it kicks the crap out of these other services. Yelp for instance, charges you the cost for a lead for a simple click to your website. What a joke! 

The chances of converting one customer that visits the website out of thousands per month is extremely low, again lowering the ROI. Yelp for reviews is also the bane of most pest controller’s existence. Their algorithm rewards the wrong things and takes the customer’s side of each interaction-- then has the gall to ask for advertising dollars from you! It’s not a viable business model, punishing business owners upon which they rely on for their a huge percentage of their revenue. I suspect that their business will change over the next few years based on the research that I've done.

So What do we Actually Offer?

We do these services concurrent to one another or a la carte, depending on the budget, size, and needs of the pest business.
Search Engine Optimization
This is the core of everything we do: content, links, technical SEO, and onsite optimization. It's all customized to your company and locality to give your site a clean, friendly feel.
Whether you are just starting out or would like a complete overhaul of your site, we can make one that fits your personality and that converts visitors. The key is making a simple site that directs visitors to calling.
Content Creation
Does your website have a blog? This is one of the easiest way to populate your site with in-depth, industry specific information that will tell Google that you're the authority in the space.
Social Media
While through our research we haven't found it the best for acquiring new customers, it's definitely the way current customers will want to interact with you. Better set up those profiles!
Link Building
Search Engines judge a site heavily based upon how many and which links are pointing to it. We do the outreach is necessary on a local and national scale to provide you with backlinks that improve your site and generate traffic.
We've been asked countless times to provide custom business consulting and training. Soon we will have a system for actually traveling to your location for onsite evaluations and instruction.
Pay Per Click
The more "real estate" you have on the front page of Google or other search engines, the better. While differing in ROI, it is a great way to get leads and calls now. Very little patience required.
Reputation Management
You're doing your best to provide a good service, but what customers say is still extremely important. We'll set up your site to crank out great reviews and provide honest feedback for customers that have complaints.
Local Optimization
We want your company to be found on Google Maps for as many searches as possible. Our local experts are ready to get your name out there and get your phones ringing.
Site Audits
If you're just looking to see how your site is performing and grab some actionable advice, a custom audit is a great way to jumpstart your online marketing efforts and identify the low hanging fruit.
Citation Building
Pest Control businesses are local in nature. Getting listed correctly and fully in all local and industry directories will give your company the exposure it needs.
Call Tracking
In order to accurately predict and track Return on Investment, you need to know who is calling, how many callers there are, and how they came to find your pest control company.

Let's Talk Money

We have found that the minimum investment for most ongoing projects is around $1000 per month. If you're getting some services and not others then it could be as low as $500, but we've found that the lower we charge, the higher the client's expectations. It seems counter intuitive, but those who work cheap aren't valued as professionals and the results will never be substantial. At $500 we've found that clients are happy and are seeing results from our efforts. It all depends on how aggressive you want to be with your online marketing. Those who have multiple locations should pay per location and call for a custom quote. If you're looking to dominate in Los Angeles and Chicago, your budget will look very different from someone who operates in Bentonville, Arkansas.

We Look Forward to Working with You

We have found that we work best when we focus more on results for our clients and less on the money to be made-- both parties are happier this way. This is true of many aspects of life, give more than you take.

We hope that you'll take the time to look around the site and gain some knowledge about pest control marketing and SEO. We are always researching, testing, and coming up with new ways to help you rise to the top.

To Your Success,
Spencer Reed
Spencer Reed, Founder & CEO
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